Wendy Walker Fucked Her Ass – Perfectgonzo / 50m 59s

Wendy Walker Fucked Her Ass – Perfectgonzo

These jugs were just begging for some banging! Wendy Walker with her fit body rode the dick very well (with all her holes) in many various positions, until the jizz liberated and went right into her ass!

This is the first time we see the beautiful Wendy Walker alone on a scene. I really love how she looks in that black leather skirt, she really looks very sexy. It was funny even for her that James Brossman tells her to touch her pussy but instead she grabs one of her breasts and tries to kiss it. I think it’s a model with a good sense of humor and a pleasant personality. I found very good the effort they make so that the whole movie takes place in the same area of the house and different from what we usually see in the rest of the scenes. Wendy does a simple but good and nice performance that even seems very natural to me and I prefer to watch something like this than a overreacted performance.

Wendy Walker Fucked Her Ass – Perfectgonzo

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