Kendra Spade Fucked By The Dentist / 22m 16s

Kendra Spade Fucked By The Dentist

Kendra shows for her appointment with her dentist (Donnie Rock), right on schedule. As she sits in the waiting room, she notices that she’s the only patient and that there is no one at the receptionist’s desk. She doesn’t give it a second thought as Dr. Rock greets her and invites her into the examination room. Before Kendra knows what is happening, the creepy doctor has his gloved fingers down her throat. Too stunned to resist, Kendra allows Dr. Rock’s hands to explore her body. She soon becomes surprisingly aroused and lets Dr. Rock stuff his entire cock into her mouth. Dr. Rock repositions his exam chair and slides his cock deep into Kendra’s pussy. The good doctor fucks her hard and Kendra, now a raging slut, groans aloud with each thrust. When Dr. Rock cums, Kendra opens wide and let’s him drop his thick load of jizz down her throat.

Kendra Spade Fucked By The Dentist


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